The hungry frog – Funny story 2016

The cute boy is holding a ice cream come in his left hand and you can see a green frog in toy display just next to that boy, then suddenly toy frog sticks his tongue out and grabs that ice cream cone than from the other side a lady comes out from behind the painted box wall and shows that ice cream cone holding in her right hand and she smiles.So actually, that is lady’s arm which acts as frog’s tongue and there is a hole into that box wall, the lady sticks her arm out through. Then they begin the show, there is an another lady who asks people to look after that boy just for a moment as she needs to go to the shop right in front of them, then a lady agrees to do that and the boy asks that lady to hold his ice cream cone for a while as he points towards his lace that he needs to tie it, now the lady behind the wall acts and grabs ice cream cone right out of her hand and she makes a noise like the frog is actually eating it. The lady was surprised by this action. They repeat this action with other people as well. You can see one lady with her children and when frog grabs ice cream cone right out of her hand then she gets scared. The expressions of all people were amazing. They could not understand that what has happened there and where the ice cream cone has gone.Even an old man was shocked when cone was grabbed out of his hands.

Then that boy asks people to put their hands into the mouth of that toy frog and get his ice cream back, when people do that then on the other side that lady holds their hands and everyone gets scared, they feel like that frog is chewing their hands. They shout and pull their hands back out of the mouth of that frog. The reactions of a Chinese lady and another lady are really priceless. They are totally scared and shouting aloud. In the end the lady in blue dress is also shouting but then she smiles after realizing that it is a toy frog. I am sure that you will enjoy this video a lot and would love to watch it again and again.

Thank you so much for spending your time to watch this funny “The hungry frog” video and i hope you like it.

Beautiful wedding with fireworks 2012

watching it you could not stop laughing. In this video a Gipsy couple is happily getting married but somehow funny and stupid things happen and make this wedding funny and memorable.

Some part of the floor is paved with a red carpet for the couple to walk on and is decorated with different flowers. Two conical anars are placed on the both sides of the carpet in the beginning. Then bride and groom enter wearing all white, bride in white wedding gown and groom in white suit. Two men keep those lightning fireworks out of the way for the couple to pass through, but when bride walks, her gown touches the fireworks placed there and fortunately somehow does not catch the fire. She becomes first bride to leave her groom behind, isn’t it funny ? After this nothing goes right in the marriage. When they hardly manage to pass this first dangerous task then another follows. The bride tries to save herself from being hit by the cap of the wine bottle but fortunately nothing goes wrong with the wine open task. They drink it and throw the glasses back away over their heads but at the back one glass hits a man on his foot.

When everything seems to be going right in the marriage then how can an uncle standing there can let the things go right. He starts firework and it looks amazing in the beginning but then it troubles everyone out there. There is smoke everywhere and crackers all around troubling people. A lady is walking towards the couple and then suddenly a firework cracks close to her and it seems like her dress catches little fire but she manages to save herself and then walks back. Then the groom starts complaining about it to that old man.I think the couple looks cute and happy at least until the crazy old man starts firework trying to shoot everyone out there. The musicians were playing the lovely music and when old man starts the fireworks, the background music becomes intense.

People around the world do not like Gipsy people much because if you search on internet about them then you will come to know that they are living from stealing, robbing, kidnapping, raping, mugging, cheating and prostitution. They refuse to work even if they are offered a job. They live in dirty places. But anyways this is the funniest marriage i have ever seen in my life. All theses little things made this wedding a memorable wedding, not only for the couple but for everyone who has watched it. May God bless them with a happy married life and i wish such things never happen to them again.

Amazing People 2008 Compilation

The clips compiled in this video are as :- a man makes bubbles joined together of the water foam and then insert a smoke cube inside it.

a boy does propose to Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu in Dance India Dance television show. He does it all in slow motion and it looks really amazing.

On “Britain’s Got Talent” show a man swallows big snooker ball and then spits it out in his hands.

a man inhales cigarette smoke and take a sip of any liquid then fills that smoke inside a foam bubble, when another man lights a lighter under that bubble then it catches fire.

a player plays ping pong in different style while having pin pong racket held in his pant. He hits lightweight ping pong ball with his racket and reaches it in the glass placed upon the table. He does some other incredible things as well, he uses a tooth brush, a baseball bat and his wrist watch as a racket. He aims at the egg placed upon a small stick and brakes it, he does extinguish the fire, brakes a glass and a balloon with a shot. He plays ping pong while sitting on the ground.

a man kicks a ball and reach it in the dustbin and in a truck’s cabin from a long distance. He aims at a beer bottle and then first kicks that bottle and then hits it with the ball while the bottle is still in the air. He gets the ball in a moving trolly.

a boy shoots a ball through a hoop elevated around 10 feet above the ground while doing a spin from a long distance, another guy shoots the ball through a hoop from the roof of a building which is very high off the ground.

a guy jumps over the moving car.

a boy puts on his clothes while doing front and back flips and then takes them off again while doing flips.

a man wears his cap which is placed upon a table while doing front flip from over the table without touching anything.

a man rounds two rings together and it looks really awesome.

Thank you for watching this video and i hope you are impressed by the skills and talent of these people. And i am sure that you would love to watch it again and again

unusual musical instrument 2018

This large machine was used to play music and create sound effects for the silent movies and this is where Disney got his music from in early times. Many small instruments were fitted in this large machine to create sounds to narrate the action of any silent film. Fotoplayer came in several models and in this video Joe is playing the smaller one. It was first created in 1910 in Auckland. It consist of a player piano with two tracker bar spool boxes in which two rolls are queued up. One of those is used to queue up the music for the next scene of the film. That is the way to match the music with the actions in the film. The reason of using piano rolls instead of playing piano with hands is that it makes easy for the artist to reach to other things attached to this machine to produced different sound effects such as push buttons to activate the sound effects, pulling cords, paddles, buttons and knobs. All hanging pulling cords produce different sound effects as you can hear and watch in this video. Pulling cords produce sounds of train, a bell, Howard effect, symbol effects, base drum, tom tom for Indian music and gun shots. A horn is attached on this machine which is used in automobile vehicles. An electric horn is also attached to it. A call bell, telephone bell and door bell is also fitted on this instrument. The paddles fitted on this machine can produce sound like police siren, snare drum, machine gun shots and some other sounds as well. This is an amazing instrument and it requires lots of practice to operate it. The tabs are used to produce sounds like flute, violin and tuba. There is a tab working as principle sound which could be played with flute and tuba to make the sound louder. So overall this is very interesting and unusual instrument and Joe is one of the very few artists who could play this large machine.

45 hundred fotoplayers were made at that time and few of those still survive. These fotoplayers are replaced by other modern musical instruments. I believe most of us have not seen any of the fotoplayers.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it and the unusual instrument played in this video by Joe Rinaudo

Guys dancing on high heels – This is absolutely amazing 2005

This video is directed by Fernando De Azevedo Feat Arnaud Boursain, Mehdi Mamine and Yanis Marshall himself. This time in this video Yanis Marshall and his group members are dancing on the song “Wannabe”. They danced so beautifully just like girls. He lives in France and at the age of just 24, he is very popular in France and is one of the best hopes of Dance in France. Yanis is wearing heels and dances very beautifully. He is one of the few men in France to dance in heels and he gives classed as well. He is very ambitious young dancer and makes his own decisions about his career and life. He has posted so many video on YouTube and very famous on internet with millions of views on his each video. His other two group members are also wearing heels. If you notice in this video his group members lose balance while walking like girls but Yanis does it so professionally. They shot the video at different locations in Paris and wear different clothes for each shot. There is very interesting scene in this video when Yanis comes in dogs outfit. He is laying on the ground along with another dog and it looks very funny and beautiful at the same time. They dance in the street as well and bystanders watch them dancing.

This video was filmed in Paris, on June 2012. In the end Yanis copies a dog sitting just next to him on the ground. Yanis is very handsome young man with short golden hair. Dancing in heels is not an easy job, sometimes even it is very difficult to walk but these guys performed so well in hells, they have done a great job.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it and i suggest you not to try dance while wearing heels, it is not an easy job. It can harm your feet

No one keep me behind the bars 2003

In the beginning you see a white cat locked inside a cage. He uses his paws to open the door of the cage. Very intelligently he uses both of his front claws. It takes some time for him to grip the window locker. With little more effort he slides the window locker back and opens it. As he is an animal so he is not sure about whether the door has been opened even after unlocking it by himself. Then after some time cat comes to understand that the door has been unlocked and he comes out of the cage.

Just to prove that it was not a coincidence that a cat can escape, the cat is again put in the cage. This time again the cat opens the door little easy than last time and comes out of the cage. This time immediately he understands that the door has been unlocked and comes out without any delay. This cat is really amazing and i have never seen this kind of amazing and intelligent cat. As cats have flexible bodies and sharp retractable claws so it becomes very easy for them to grip anything like in this video we have seen cat gripping the window locker to slide it. Cats are more active than any other animal and they are intelligent too..

Thanks for watching this amazing video of a smart cat escaping from the cage and i hope you liked it.

Animals making funny sounds – Funny animals 2017 compilation

A little kid is making noise and a pet dog helps him to make it little louder by making the same noise in his own funny tone. A white dog is practicing while listening to a song, as he wants to become a singer. A dog is producing same sound as by the person filming him. There is another dog who is fond of music, while listening to song he produces his own music, very talented dog, certainly will become a music director. Another dog is listening to a song and reacts to it, can understand whether he likes it or not. A man is playing a guitar and his dog is singing. I think they are planning to record an album. Another dog is enjoying the music and singing in his own unique style. A dog repeats whatever the lady says, very impressive..

Another cute dog repeats whatever the lady says. This clip was recorded on August 24, 1999. A dog makes the sound of police siren, very soon he will be patrolling in the streets. A cat makes funny noise as she is trying to say something. Another dog repeats after a lady. A black cat is making a noise like a very old lady. Few cats are making noises like kids make. These all look very funny. A man is talking to an animal, when that man asks anything to that animals then the animal spits on his face and makes a noise like he is not agree with that man and denying him. Two goats are making funny noises together. When a goat listens to a man producing some music with any instrument then it reacts to that music. An animal takes its tongue out and makes funny faces. A man is talking to his parrot and when he instructs him then parrot shouts on him in return. This is very very funny and my favorite clip from this funny compilation. A person is touching his parrot and that parrot asks him not to touch him, parrot says ” don’t touch me”, really amazing. Another parrot is making a sound and enjoying it, seems like doing hip hop.

Thanks for watching this funny compilation and i hope you liked it.

Bulldogs are really sweet 2001

A bulldog is sleeping on a sofa and responds to the owner’s “hello” by shaking his front paw. Next clip is very funny, a small bulldog barks at the bigger one and bigger one gets scared and runs away. They are just playing with each other. I am really impressed by the smelling power of bulldogs, while in deep sleep a bulldog comes to know about a sweet kept close to its nose by just smelling it. I am really wondering that how he smelled it when he was in deep sleep ! Really impressive. Another bulldog is snoring just like humans while sleeping on a sofa. It always makes me laugh whenever i watch this. A bulldog is sleeping just like kids on its back, looks really cute. A man scares the dogs and just look at the one who runs away. The dog does not even look back, just keeps on running until it reaches too far. At 1.33 two little dogs are really cute when they move their heads together in the same directions. A dog is playing with children in the courtyard and falls on its back while trying to get the ball. A man is asking a bulldog for a cup of tea and bulldog replies in YES by shaking head..

Some of these are adorable, some funny and some i feel little bad for, i really like the two facing off across from each other, they are just too cute. Bulldogs are known for their friendly behavior with other animals. They become so attached to home and family, that they do not go out without a human companion. Generally these dogs are very aggressive but now breeders have worked to reduce aggression from these dogs, and they are one of the cutest pets for human beings now. All of these clips are hilarious, cute or a mixture of both.

Thanks for watching this ultimate and funny compilation of Bulldogs, and i hope you really liked this compilation.

best drift cats !

Several videos of cat drifting are compiled in this video and wonderful sound effects have been used in this video, which make it 100% better. The cats are running around the house and playing with other cats, during their run the cats drift on the floor just like cars because during drifting rear wheels of the cars slip and same as when cats slide, rear legs of them slip. The cats are actually one of the active animals so these are running very fast and when they are about to turn then because of the speed cats slide on the floor. The floors are seem friction less, hence, it increases the possibility of drifting. Because of the low friction floors chances for the cats to drift on it increases, moreover cats have flexible bodies, quick reflexes and sharp retractable claws which make drifting possible.

The best clip in this compilation is when a cat slides through little race track markings on the floor, the cat does not even touch single mark on the floor. The last scene is really awesome, a man released the cat and the cat runs like a bullet, something drops in the way which i could not understand, what was that. The cats, especially young kittens, are known for their love of play. Nowadays cats are common pets and their worldwide population exceeds 500 million just because of their fun loving nature.

You might have seen so many car drifting videos on internet but i am sure this is the best drifting video you have ever watched. This is i think much better than Tokyo Drift and one of the best cat video ever uploaded on internet. Thanks for watching this amazing compilation and i hope you liked it and make sure to share it with your friends as well

What is this baby seal do will melt your heart 2000

Charlie and the seal

There are so many animals on this planet which are really cute and nice, Seal is one of those. Charlie Bird meets seals while travelling through Antarctica. He films those and spends some time with seals. Charlie has shared this video with us on internet.

He is an Irish journalist and broadcaster. He was born on 9 September 1949. He shares his experience with seals in this video. You can see so many seals lying together. Charlie tells that these are elephant seals. The one he is looking at in the beginning is a pub of elephant seal. Charlie is lying down onto the ground holding a camera in his hand and it seems like the seal lying just next to him wants his camera. Then seal gets busy in scratching its head. Charlie tells that it is an amazing experience for him to lay down along with seals. It looks very cute how a seal moves. Two seals lay together on him and you can hear him struggling to breath in his voice. Those things must be heavy. I wonder how much a baby seal weights.

Charlie tells that he has done so many difficult things in his life as a journalist but this must be one of the remarkable things he has ever done in his life. A seal again scratches its head while laying on him. Charlie keeps on smiling and enjoying this moment with seals. The seal is moving on all over his lower part of body. I really love charlie’s joy after he is hugged by a seal. This is the most heartwarming moment ever captured on camera and one of the cutest things i have ever seen on internet. The way the seal moves over him, i wonder if the seal just saw him as one of its pups.

There are many species of seals and elephant seals are larger among all others. There are two species in elephant seals, northern elephant seal and southern elephant seal. The northern elephant seal is somewhat smaller than its southern relative. Northern female elephant seals have lived to 22 years. Elephant seals breed annually and can give birth starting at the age of three or four.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked these elephant seals